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  • Family Camping: 5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

    Family Camping: 5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

    If you're a parent who loves camping and the outdoors, the idea of bringing your young children along sounds like the perfect opportunity for family bonding. But what happens when you finally get your tent set up, get the fire crackling, and your child sighs and says, "I'm bored"?
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  • Three Squares a Day

    Three Squares a Day

    Whatever you do just have a good time and enjoy yourself. It is fun and relaxing.  Sure, it is not for everyone, but for some, it is exactly what we need to take our mind off the stress of everyday life.  Those "three squares a day" will keep us happy, healthy and strong, ready for that next adventure.
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  • The Day We Have Waited For...

    The Day We Have Waited For...

    We have prepared for this day.  We have searched the apps and news for the up and coming weekend.  We have picked out our spot.  We know where we are going.  Saturday cannot come fast enough.  We need this escape.  We need this time to breathe and exhale.  We have needed this for months and now it is here.  Let's go.  Let's get away.  Let's restart, rejuvenate, release and re-gain that lease on life, that love for the time that we have been given on this beautiful earth.  Do not fail to take advantage of this day, for this is the day we have waited for.
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