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Dr. Artemis (the Mom) Chooses Her Top Gear Picks from Artemis Overland

Dr. Artemis (the Mom) Chooses Her Top Gear Picks from Artemis Overland

It's the holidays already and my birthday is coming up. I've always liked to be in the outdoors in the winter. Our winters are fairly mild, I have time off, and I'm ready to get outdoors. Things have changed since Aaron and I went camping, off-roading, and kayaking on a whim. We have a 10 year old and 5 year old and busy jobs. As much as we love spontaneity, times have changed and we have to plan ahead. Aaron and I don't always agree about what is most important, but this post is dedicated to my top 5 picks from the website. Share this post with the Artemis women in your life and let them pick out their top 5 for the holidays or the coming adventure season. 

1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. With two kids, I have to bring a first aid kit. I love the My Medi THE SOLO First Aid Kit. It's a good size for our shorter trips. I like how it looks, and I like the price. 

2. I went with Aaron to the Natural State Overland Expo in October 2018. I was lucky enough to meet Jerry from Tenbo Tusk, and I had to try the Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill Kit (pronounced "scuttle:). This awesome tool was inspired from cookware used in Africa. I made the most delicious dinner. I thought I had brought rice, and it turned out to be coconut. Luckily, we always bring a can of black beans. We had corn tortillas, black beans, red and green peppers from our garden, and pork we had sliced and frozen before we left. It was fun to cook on the Tenbo Tusk. I stood up, cooked, and visited. Next year at Natural State Overland, I'll be doing a cooking demonstration with Tembo Tusk--pancakes, cookies, breakfast, and dinner are on the menu!

3. I'm a little out of practice with cooking in the outdoors. As I started cooking with Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill, I realized I was going to need some light, and quick. My favorite light is the Kovea Adventure Lantern. I'll make sure I have my light ready before it gets dark. No juggling flashlights to cook and the get the kids in the tent. Get two! 

4. When you are overloading, you don't always find a perfect fire pit waiting for you. If I am outside, I want a fire. The Summit Overland Firepit does the trick. Wherever we are we can set it up and have our fire. It's safe and it helps us reduce our fingerprint on the outdoors. We even use this at home. 

5. The older I get, the less I feel like sharing. Instead of looking for Aaron's tools, I like to be prepared my self. I like the Mag-Lok 3 Tool Kit Camper's Kit III because it has what I need in a nice little bag. I'm ready and prepared. Sometimes, we just can't share. 


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