Built on Adventure. Roofnest's mission to make camping accessible, convenient, and comfortable for outdoor explorers of every experience level by designing durable and easy-to-use hard shell roof top tents.



Every rack UpTop produces blends the highest level of utility with no compromise on style, fit, and finish.

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Cascadia Vehicle Tents

CVT strives to bring the best rooftop tents to everyone who shares our passion for the outdoors. CVT is proud that our products are used by everyone - from hardcore overlanders to weekend campers.

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Oztent products are crafted from experience, and whether the adventure involves 4WDing, kayaking, hiking, or just enjoying some relaxing time in the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered with quick, durable, comfortable and hassle-free gear.

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Save $49.99
Taruca Extreme Shower AwningTaruca Extreme Shower Awning
Taruca Extreme Shower Awning
Sale price$350.00 Regular price$399.99
Oztent Bi-Fold Table
Oztent Bi-Fold Table
Sale price$149.99
Howling Moon Swing Awn 270 (4 Panel)Howling Moon Swing Awn 270 (4 Panel)
Wagan iOnBoost™ V8 TORQUEWagan iOnBoost™ V8 TORQUE
Wagan iOnBoost™ V8 TORQUE
Sale price$124.95
AFN Front Bumper Toyota Tacoma 2014-2019AFN Front Bumper Toyota Tacoma 2014-2019
Claymore V-600 +  Rechargeable Circulator FanClaymore V-600 +  Rechargeable Circulator Fan
Wavian Fuel Can — the original NATO Steel Jerry Can (20L 5.3 Gal)Wavian Fuel Can — the original NATO Steel Jerry Can (20L 5.3 Gal)
Wavian Fuel Can — the original NATO Steel Jerry Can (20L 5.3 Gal)
Sale price$89.99
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Sale price$325.00
CVT Mt. Hood Hard Shell Rooftop TentCVT Mt. Hood Hard Shell Rooftop Tent
CVT Mt. Hood Hard Shell Rooftop Tent
Sale priceFrom $3,499.00
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