When I first saw this product on an Overland Expo You Tube video I thought I want to be apart of it. I called Adam an told him this was going to be the product to take me to the next sales level. I love this product. This is the Perfect Bungee. 

The Perfect Bungee products are the perfect solution for safely securing all your freight, cargo and sporting equipment. Made of our patented FlexaPure™ formula, which contains no rubber or latex, they’re built to perform and last and last and last.

The Perfect Bungee products are resistant to cracking, breaking, splitting, becoming brittle, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone, and a long list of common household chemicals. The super-strong, super-flexible FlexaPure material allows for a safe stretch up to twice its original length and has excellent memory retention. The Perfect Bungee products are designed for use in an endless variety of applications.

Made in the U.S.A., The Perfect Bungee products made with FlexaPure are guaranteed for up to three years against manufacturer defects.