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The Day We Have Waited For...

The Day We Have Waited For...

Hot summers are brutal in Arkansas.  The heat and humidity make it hard for anyone to breathe even when stepping outside at night or at the first light of day.  It is miserable.  You do not want to go outside much less even camp or do any outside activities.  It is almost as bad as winter.  The intense heat compares to the frigid cold in how it just wants to bring the four walls closer and closer and closer to you where you just cannot stand it anymore. 

                The day comes and we just go.  The temperatures matter no more.  We have to get out.  We have to get away.  No television, no cell phones, no other people, and no distractions are wanted or needed during this time.  It is an oasis.  Our intentions are good, noble and heart-felt. Then it hits.  As soon as we get outside of that vehicle, as soon as we step one foot out into the sweltering conditions, our hearts fade and our desires change.  Most of the time those trips are day trips.  Once evening sets in, the mosquitoes come out, the stink and stickiness are overhearing.  It is not fun.  We hop back in the vehicle and head home.  We cannot get to the shower quick enough.  We cannot step inside that air-conditioned home fast enough.  Comfort trumps desire once again.

                Now, here we are.  We are in the midst of change.  The third week of October is upon us.  The cold front has moved through.  The air is crisp, the humidity is down, and a new day is upon us.  I walked outside, this morning, dawning my jacket for the first time in over seven months.  I felt the urge to grab my coffee, sit on the front porch, and just breathe in that cool air.   It is so refreshing.  This is the Day we have waited for.  The day where I can step outside without bursting into flames.   It is the first day I have walked outside in months where I actually want to stay outside.  It is the first of many days to come, where the weather is perfect.  It is the time when being outside is where that comfort zone is.  Say good-bye to the television, cell phone, people and distractions for longer periods.  This is where I belong.  This is a welcoming sight, a bright sun with open arms finally not wanting to melt you into your shoes.

                So here we go.  We have prepared for this day.  We have searched the apps and news for the up and coming weekend.  We have picked out our spot.  We know where we are going.  Saturday cannot come fast enough.  We need this escape.  We need this time to breathe and exhale.  We have needed this for months and now it is here.  Let's go.  Let's get away.  Let's restart, rejuvenate, release and re-gain that lease on life, that love for the time that we have been given on this beautiful earth.  Do not fail to take advantage of this day, for this is the day we have waited for.

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