Camp Cooking Gear Review

Camp Cooking Gear Review

Author Keri Franklin

Gear Review for Kitchens

We are doing our overlanding and outdoor research pretty much all of the time. We are eating, sleeping, and drinking this. In this week's wrap-up, we wanted to discuss this week's Overland Expo email newsletter's Gear Section. Some of the products we carry our featured, and we wanted to talk about them as well. The items below are all same day shipping and we feature price matching as well.


Tembo Tusk

We have to start with Tembo Tusk. We love Jerry, and his products. We always say that an overlander has to have a skottle. It's like a martini drinker has to have a cocktail shaker. We have sold Tembo Tusk from the very beginning, and we have valued Jerry's business expertise and support. We have this in the shop for you to take a look at. We have same-day shipping. So, if you were wondering about getting one. Now is the time. 

Ironman Kitchen or Frontrunner Kitchen

Iron Man Kitchen was featured. We are a huge fan of Iron Man products. In terms of the Kitchen Utensil set, we have in stock the Frontrunner Camp Kitchen Utensil Set ready for same day shipping. Frontrunner was the first in camp kitchen utensil sets. The bag is nice. The utensils are good. There is a knife, bottle opener, and wine bottle opener. No cocktail shaker in either one though. Frontrunner is $69.95 and the Ironman version is $79.95. This is a great holiday item as well. 


The Dirt Road Grill was featured in the article, but the last line says that the grill is still in engineering and production and is pre-order only. There will be wait on this. The price point is great. We will be anxious to see this on the market some day. So, instead of the Dirt Road, if you need a grill soon, we suggest a couple of South African grills: the Citi Chef 40, or, iff you want a Coleman-looking stove, there is a Cadac two-burner stove

We like African and Australian products because those are the places home to self-reliant travel. 

Barebones Grill Utensils

Expo's Gear feature showed pics of some nice utensils. We wanted to highlight a brand we love. Barebones is great for outdoor grilling on any firepit. We carry several of the grill and fire products. We like the Cowboy Grill spatula. It has an extra long handle, so you don't get burned. It also has a hook on the end, so you can hang this from a grill or your skottle. It's a nice touch. These are $39.99 individually. 

Kudu Grill

Another grill we like that packs up small and is great for cooking for larger overland crowds, at the lake, and in the backyard is the The KUDU. We love Kudu, and especially the latest Kudu 3.  Kudu has its origins in Africa. The story goes that the Kudi was inspired by the "communal homemade braais where friends & family gathered around an open flame to cook, eat, and socialize in an unhurried way." It is what we are all going for, right?  It is heavier than smaller grills, but we like its durability and multi-use potential. We use ours for camping, the lake, and our backyard. It's a great city grill, too. We love our customers in Brooklyn!  It packs up small and travels well.  

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