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Recovery 101: The Essential Kit from an Expert

Recovery 101: The Essential Kit from an Expert


Regardless of your rig, being prepared to get unstuck, or “recovered” is essential. My buddy Jason Harris, his wife (overland partner) Liz, and their daughter are overlanders. They own Ozark Overland Outfitters. We met at Rendezvous in the Ozarks near Oark, Arkansas. Our booths were next to each other, and like most overlanders, we hit it off and became fast friends and collaborators. His Youtube channel is called Ozark Mountain Adventures. He reviews products and shares his adventures overlanding with his family. He has a vast knowledge of all things Toyota from his years as a Toyota tech, then as a builder and customizer of rock crawlers. It’s an understatement to say he understands the nuances of recovery. If you are new to overlanding, “recovery” means the process and apparatus you need to get unstuck.

I respect Jason as a person and I deeply respect his philosophy and experiences of overlanding. After putting in the hours to customize people’s rock crawlers, he had a hard time seeing the brutal damage that occurred on these rock crawling trips. Brute force was the rule rather than the exception. The conditions are harsh in rock crawling and he learned the techniques of recovery. I share the value that overlanding isn’t about seeing how much damage we can do to our rigs. It’s a thoughtful and safe adventure. The best adventures are when everyone comes home safely and the only damage is the work I have to do on my Land Rover [ LOL: engine, leaky radiator, popped ball joint, blown steering pump, hidden oil leaks.] I asked Jason what’s in his recovery kit, and he said he’s been using the same thing for 20 years. Based on Jason’s vast knowledge, I’ve created a collection of what everyone needs. This is the essential kit for recovery.  

Our ComeUp Winch Accessory kit has everything you need, plus some. We are also a stocking dealer for ComeUp Winch. If you have questions, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help you find what you need. 


  • This is just the kind of information I need. Thank you!! I’m also a subscriber to Jason’s channel and appreciate it.

    - Terry Gandy
  • I would trust Jason with anything that has to do with outdoors, off-road, overlanding or vehicle based maintenance and camping in general. Such a great guy with limitless knowledge of just about everything you can think of. So much respect for him.

    - JoeytheBROfessor

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