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Safe-T-Line Soft Shackles (Single or Pair)

Safe-T-Line Soft Shackles (Pair)

Our Safe-T-Line Xtreme-Duty Soft Shackles with urethane coating are assembled from the same Safe-T-Line winchrope in 7/16" diameter for extra strength. A soft shackle can be use in situations where a standard D-ring shackle won't work - around rollbars, or tubular bumpers, etc.

We recommend having a pair of both soft shackles and a pair of quality D-ring shackles when venturing offroad.

  • UHMPE 12-strand synthetic fiber rope.
  • Colors: Safety Orange, Safety Blue and Safety Yellow
  • Sold in pairs 
  • 36,000 lb breaking strength
  • With urethane coated for longevity & abrasion resistance.
  • Heavy-Duty Cordura chafe guard for extra abrasion resistance
  • U.S. Product, U.S. Made