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Do Roof Rack Wind Deflectors Work?

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Roof racks are great! For any overlanding die-hards out there, having additional storage space on your vehicle is critical. Needless to say, the drag and wind noise that comes with a roof rack is one of its major drawbacks.  

That’s where roof rack wind deflectors come in. They’re made for the purpose of dampening wind noise and drag. 

But do wind deflectors really work and are they worth buying? 

In today’s post, Artemis Overland, premier overlanding outlet in Springfield, Missouri, gives you the low down.

What Are Roof Rack Wind Deflectors? 

Commonly referred to as a wind fairing, a wind deflector can be a DIY project — that’s only if you have the patience and skill to pull it off. More often than not, you’ll want to purchase it from a retailer that sells roof rack accessories or buy it in a roof rack kit.

Typically, wind deflectors are worth getting if you’re really, really annoyed by the wind noise bustling through your roof rack.

How Do Roof Rack Wind Deflectors Work? 

Wind deflectors lower the noisiness that comes from driving around with a roof rack on top of your vehicle. They can help your fuel efficiency by toning down some of the wind resistance your rig will encounter.  

The adjustable brackets allow the wind deflector to be properly angled and positioned to deflect wind from the items on your roof rack. 

Many wind fairings come with a durable rubber blade that is fitted on the edge of the deflector. It seals any gaps and guards the roof of the vehicle whenever you’re driving over rough terrain. 

Benefits of a Wind Deflector

  • Improves gas mileage 
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Tinted coating reduces reflection glare 
  • Aerodynamic, sleek design reduces drag
  • Easy to fit and reposition to a new angle as needed
  • Made vehicle specific and can fit on most models
  • Car-wash friendly

Best Wind Deflector Brands to Consider

If you’re shopping around for a great wind deflector for your roof rack, look into these brands: 

These roof racks manufacturers create wind deflectors for a variety of vehicle sizes, vans, trucks and jeeps, whether it’s a Subaru, Toyota or Jeep or Ford. 

What Size Wind Deflector Do I Need? 

You’ll want it big enough to cover the space needed for air to get over the bar rack. The more it does, the less noise you’ll suffer with.

Get the widest deflector necessary to cover the bar. If it’s too wide, however, then you’ll end up with more wind noise than you otherwise would have. 

Buy the Best Overlanding Gear at Artemis Overland

We’re here to help you find the best gear to make your overlanding experience an unforgettable one. Contact us today for more information or help with inventory selection. Or, visit our store at 616 W. Tampa St. in Springfield, Missouri. 

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  • It did catch my attention when you said that wind deflectors reduce wind noises and improve gas mileage. My brother should be aware of this since he started riding his Harley Davidson again last week. I could imagine how he could find consider your tips before making his purchase next Friday.

    - Shammy Peterson

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