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Factor 55 Standard Duty Soft Shackle 7/16" x 10"

 Standard Duty Soft Shackle 7/16" x 10"

Soft shackles may be used as a lightweight replacement connecting rigging for common steel screw pin shackles. The Factor 55 10" Standard Duty Soft Shackles are Made in the USA under the uncompromised Factor 55 quality standards. Like all Factor 55 rigging products, these shackles have been lab and field tested to assure consistent repeatable minimum breaking strength values. Each Standard Duty soft shackle is constructed of 7/16" diameter UHMWPE 12 strand rope similar in construction to synthetic winch lines.  WLL and minimum breaking strengths clearly marked. 

Minimum Breaking Strength: 39,000 lbs

WLL: 7,800 lbs

Weight: 6.3 oz  

Each individual soft shackle is serialized for manufacturing date and material lot traceability.