Factor 55 ProLink Bridle Replacement Parts

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Title: Rubber Guard
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ProLink Bridle Replacement Parts

Rubber Guard

The Rubber Guard is a synthetic rubber gasket that separates the ProLink/FlatLink and the fairlead by a high durometer rubber material. The Rubber Guard feature was designed into the ProLink/FlatLink from the beginning. 8 Precision machined pockets in the back of the ProLink accept the barbs of the Rubber Guard. The unique ribbed design of the barbs allow for multiple installation and removal cycles without destroying the barbs.

Once installed, the Rubber Guard will not come loose and will protect both Hawse and Roller fairleads from scratching.

Titanium Pin

Made out of titanium and comes with corresponding internal snap ring.

Retaining Ring 

Zinc Plated, Made in USA

Quantity: 5

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