Time to Use the Compass: It's Bonfire Time

Time to Use the Compass: It's Bonfire Time

Hey everyone! It’s time! Bonfire! This event was one of the contributing factors to putting together SpringMoOverland, and we can’t wait to do this trip with ya’ll! More details can be found at the bottom of the post, but first things first, here’s our itinerary:
Disclaimer: This is an adventure. If things go wrong and this schedule changes, it's ok! Not everything will go as planned! That's part of the fun. The times on this are simply estimates.
Friday, April 26th (140 miles)
12:30 PM -Meet at Artemis Overland Hardware in Springfield
1:00 PM -Depart Artemis Overland Hardware
3:00 PM -Arrive in Jasper, AR. Top off on fuel and grab any last minute commodities.
3:40 PM -Make a quick stop at the Arkansas Grand Canyon Scenic view.
5:30 PM -Arrive at camp in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area
Saturday, April 27th (80 miles)
9:30 AM -Depart camp
10:00 AM -Arrive at Pedestal Rocks for some cool views.
11:00 AM -Depart Pedestal Rocks
11:30 AM -Arrive at Haw Creek Falls recreation area for some lunch and optional hiking at Pams Grotto.
1:30 PM -Depart Haw Creek Falls.
3:00 PM -Arrive at Oark General Store via back roads from Haw Creek
If we’ve followed this schedule to this point (Which if we haven’t, no big deal! It’s an adventure!) we’ll take some time to scout out a campsite for the night for after the bonfire. We’ll set up tents while it’s still light out and then head over to Byrds for the bonfire. If you would like to camp at Byrds that night rather than with the group, that’s fine! Byrds does charge a fee and has a limited number of spots for camping.
With that said, if we get to Oark and it’s around four in the afternoon, we will go ahead and go straight to the event.
On Sunday the 28th, there will be no group schedule. Head back up to Springfield or spend the day exploring some more of Ozark National Forest! We will hope to see you the following weekend at our Springfield Overland Showcase!
As usual, we won’t be doing any serious “wheeling” on this trip, just some good ‘ol Arkansas back roads with PLENTY of scenery. Just make sure your 4x4 vehicle is in good running shape (we’ll be in some pretty remote places) and that you bring everything you need for a couple nights of camping! There will be limited opportunities to stop for food and gas.
If you’re interested in joining in but can’t make it Friday, that’s ok. Join us Saturday morning near Richland Creek or at the Bonfire. Just be sure to let us know so that we can expect you.
It’s recommended, but not required, that you have a GMRS radio with you to easily communicate with the rest of the group.
If you have any other questions, contact Logan at logan@artemisoverland.com. Come by the shop to buy an Oztent before you go. 


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