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Essential Overlanding Gear: What You Need for Your Next Adventure

Essential Overlanding Gear: What You Need for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re engaging in a local or international overlanding experience, there’s some gear you just can’t go without. High quality overlanding gear helps you have a great time, and might just be a lifesaver too. 

At Artemis Overland, we have a wide selection of overlanding gear and accessories to meet every need. In today's blog post, we’ll give you a guide to the most essential gear you’ll need for your next overlanding adventure.

Emergency Messenger 

Just in case you need to contact someone while out in the wilderness — with no phone or signal tower in sight for miles — this handy little device could be a lifesaver. 

Having an emergency communication device like the Garmin inReach ® — a miniature hand-held satellite communicator, can give you peace of mind from anywhere. 

Tent for Your Truck 

Rooftop tents are among the most useful overlanding products you can purchase for a well-rounded outdoor camping experience. Artemis Overland has a wide variety of brands for overhead tents made to connect to your truck or your trailer. 

Portable Outdoor Stove

A portable gas-powered or wood-burning stove is a must-have overlanding product. Enjoying the outdoors can still be comfortable. Artemis Overland has several choice options for portable stoves when camping. 

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Portable Electric Generator

You can always use a backup power source. Taking a portable power station with you will save you from the major headache that comes from any potential power outages during inclement weather. 

Water Filter

No matter the terrain you’re traveling on or the location you’ve chosen to camp, you’ll need clean, filtered water when overlanding. We offer some great options to meet your needs, like the Water Boy, a portable water filtration system. 

First Aid Gear Kit

You can never be too careful while out hiking or kayaking miles away from a hospital. Having a first aid kit on hand is required for safe, fun overlanding trips. 

Portable Toilet 

Nature calls. And when it does, having a portable toilet with you can make all the difference between a lovely overlanding experience and an uncomfortable slog through nature. Take a look at the various hygiene products we offer. 

Contact Artemis Overland for All Your Essential Gear

At Artemis Overland, our goal is to help you find the perfect overlanding and camping gear to make long-lasting memories outdoors. Artemis Overland is a top-rated seller of overlanding gear in Springfield, MO. 

Our passionate and knowledgeable sales team will help you find the perfect equipment and accessories for your next adventure. Visit our online shop today, or call us at 417-834-0375 for personalized assistance from us.

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