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Jetboil cooking ware and portable boiler on campsite in winter

Best Overland Cooking Gear for Beginners - Artemis Overland

When you’re overlanding, you’re not just relegated to the spartan, bare-bones essentials for meals: granola bars, trail mix, or peanut butter sandwiches in plastic bags.

Cooking epic, great-tasting outdoor meals in a portable kitchen is one of the best parts of an overlanding.  

But first, you’ll need to get your vehicle set up with some essential overlanding kitchen gear!

In today’s post, Artemis Overland is going to give you some quick tips on the most important overlanding cooking gear when you’re just getting started. 

What Gear Do I Really Need to Cook Great Meals?

In reality, what you need isn’t too fancy, just the basics: 

  • Heat source
  • Pan 
  • Cooler

It’s pretty simple. You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment or accessories when you're just starting out.

But as you get more deeply involved in the overlanding scene, one of the best parts about it is being able to buy some nice, high-end cooking accessories for your trip.

A great example of leveling up is ditching the casual outdoor grill pan for an adjustable leg skottle grill with a wind blocker and portable handbag. 


Your particular choice of cookware depends on where you’re going, how long you’ll be staying, and the cooking method you prefer.

Kovea portable single burner heater warming soup on a lawn

You might just want a jet boil with a single propane tank attachment. Something like the Kovea Alpine Pot Wide is for boiling water to make coffee, oatmeal, tea, or soup. This type of gear is made largely for solo travelers looking for a lightweight, minimalistic option. 

If you’re going with others, something bigger, like a stovetop oven or grill, might be your best bet. Consider packing a campfire cooking set of durable, stainless steel, pots and pans along with your portable grill and boiler. 

stainless steel cooking ware with cast iron skillet on top

The Partner Steel Co. series is a great choice when it comes to portable grills. This brand offers models like the 22” stainless steel burner stove, with windscreen protector attachments. 

Of course, you can always go with a classic and simple piece of cooking gear: a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet to be used on an open fire. It’s entirely up to you. 

Utensil Organizer 

kitchenware utensil organizer package on truck side bed

Front Runner Camp Kitchen Utensil Set

This utensil set is easy to roll up and securely stow in the back of your truck. Then, just as easily, you can hang it on your rig for easy access. 

You might not consider this to be too important. But it comes in handy knowing where your most-needed knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils are located. 

Also, if you’re cooking with a knife in the middle of the wilderness, safety is your first priority. A utensil organizer set helps keep you and any expensive cutlery you might be packing far safer.

Water Storage

Never (and I mean never) underestimate just how much water you’ll need on your overlanding trip. It’s used in just about everything, from cooking and cleaning to drinking. 

Remember, it’s one thing to forget some gear or accessory that serves as a creature comfort. If you forget to pack enough water, it can be more than uncomfortable, it can be fatal.

a white RotoPax water storage container

Great options for storing water securely are brands like RotoPax.

It’s recommended that you have some type of water purification system with you — large or small. It’s up to you. It can really come in handy for longer overlanding trips.

When it comes to portable water purification systems, the Water Boy is a good option, a portable camp sink that delivers purified water by an electric-powered pump. 

Cooler or Portable Refrigerator

Naturally, you’ll need a way to preserve the food you cook on your grill. Packing a regular cooler just won’t do. Those are just to keep items cool for a day or so. Overlanding coolers can keep your food and drinks fresher for longer.

Snowmaster stainless steel portable freezer

The SnoMaster is a go-to choice for a portable cooler that’s ergonomic, functional, and riddled with great features — namely, being solar-powered and wirelessly remote-controlled. 

Fire Extinguisher 

Packing a fire extinguisher with you is not something that immediately comes to mind when stocking up your rig for an overlanding trip. But if you’re cooking near brush or forestry, you’ll definitely need this, even as an added safety precaution.

fire extinguisher attachment device for Tacoma truck

You can buy small to mid-sized fire extinguishers at most places, even Walmart or Home Depot. If you happen to own a Toyota, the Rago fire extinguisher is a great option to put right on the back of your truck bed. 

Here are two additional tips to consider when packing your fire extinguisher!

  1. Remembering to actually take the fire extinguisher with you is important. That’s why you pack it last and unpack it first. 
  2. You should check to see if it works or has expired before leaving on your trip. 

Buy Great Kitchenware at Artemis Overland 

If you’re looking for premium cooking appliances and kitchenware for your next overlanding adventure, Artemis Overland has got you covered with some amazing choices.

For more information about our products and offers, contact us at (417) 501-1190.

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