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The Perfect Bungee

The Perfect Bungee

I've found the Perfect Bungee! Double meaning intended. I'm using the Flex Web from Perfect Bungee. Listen to my friend Adam talk about finding the Perfect Bungee. Eric is an overlander with a decked out Tacoma. If you aren't sure where to start and how many bungees you need when you go out on your adventure, shoot me a message, and I'll help.

I like that it is made in America. It's different than any over bungee. I like how they are molded in rather than hooked in. I like the different configurations. They come in 20+ colors. They have these adjustable straps so you don't have to keep it at a certain length. It's a tool we all need. Here's a photo of how I used the straps on my roof rack for my Disco. Seriously, call me if you have questions. 

Photo credit: Aaron Matkowski 


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