Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Overlander!

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Overlander!

I hear this every year!  What do you want for Christmas?  I never know what to get you as you have everything!  You are so hard to buy for because if you see something you want, you just go get it!  So here we are, once again, faced with the issue of what in the world to get that "hard to buy for" person on our list.  One question…is that person an Overlander, Outdoorsman, Bushcraftsman, or a female who needs more items to stay comfortable while out in the wild?  Let us make some suggestions for you that just might help you out in this area.


10.  Claymore V-600+ Rechargeable Fan

The new and improved CLAYMORE V600+ rechargeable fan includes a more powerful,3.7V Li-ion 7,800mAh battery, compared to its previous 6,000mAh battery capacity.  The run time will now be 7-32 hours from 5-15 hours.  The Fan is a convenient size at 6.5 inches and comes with its very own travel bag.  The pervious USB charging port has been updated to a USB Type- C style port, making it more accessible and easier to charge.  This is a great addition to anyone's gear collection and will prove to help keep even the hottest of Overlanders cool!


9.  FrontRunner Camp Kitchen Utensil Set

FrontRunner offers a high quality kitchen utensil set that is sure to have everything you need for all meal prep and dinner time. This amazing compact set can be hung at the campsite and rolls up securely for safe, rattle-free transport.


8.  Oscar's Mobile Hideout Bag

The Oscar's Mobile Hideout is a multipurpose bag that is made to hang on your spare tire or tailgate.  This bag is made out of high quality PVC by the Last U.S. Bag company and will prove to last for years to come.  You can pack in wood, charcoal or anything that will not fit inside your vehicle (or may be too dirty for the wife), and pack out your trash to leave it better than you found it!  Comes in different colors and will prove to be an exciting gift for your loved one.


7.  Madkon Ammo Box Braai (Grill)

Everyone loves to sit around the fire and grill your favorite foods while camping.  In order to do that, you may need a high quality, compact grill that is easily portable to have at your disposal.  The Madkon Ammo Box grill is so compact it fits in an ammo box and is housed in its own custom case.  It sets up in seconds and is made from high quality stainless steel that will ensure a lifetime of campfire grilling.  The grate is adjustable and strong enough to hold a large Dutch oven.  It is a true work of art.


6.  US Action Trax

100% Made In America. Improved design with input from elite military units and winning Baja 1000 racers. Featuring a sawtooth end for better material clearing capabilities. Quick link system to make temporary roads with whatever cording or flex-cuffs may already be in your kit. Pre formed drill bit alignment holes on the bottom of each tooth to allow for easy repair with our available lug repair kit, or use hardware you have on hand when teeth burn or wear down. Larger hand holds for gloves and big hands. Improved material composition with reinforced DuPont Compound and UV Stabilizer. Designed to be multi-purpose and allow you to repair burnt teeth in the field. All materials and labor 100% US Sourced.


5.  FrontRunner Water Can with Tap

Everyone needs water at Camp!  Here is the FrontRunner Water can for that!  An all plastic food grade water tank that fits into the Front Runner line of Jerry Can holders as well as other popular Jerry Can holders. It is similar in size and shape to most jerry cans on the market.  It is a Clever design - fill up at the top, protected tap at the bottom and holds 20 litres (5.3 gallon).Whether carried in a Front Runner jerry can holder or stored alone, the Front Runner Plastic Jerry Can and Tap will survive the harshest road conditions AND fits all Nato/Wedco style jerry can holders.


4.  Camp Cover Wolf Pack Dividers

Let's get organized!  These Camp Cover Wolf Pack Dividers are cleverly designed ammo box packing solutions that can be used as stand alone storage bags as well.  They are ideal for the organization and protection of smaller miscellaneous items, condiments and utensils.  The well thought through design features includes clear PVC lids to ensure that contents are instantly recognizable.  These bags are made in South Africa and are manufactured in heavy duty ripstop material and heavy duty zips and sliders and sure to keep your gear safe and organized!


3.  23Zero LED Tent Light

Light up your tent or campsite with a 23Zero Solar Led tent light.  The handy compact light compresses for storage, charges itself with a built in solar panel or use the included USB cord, it has 4 light settings- bright white – bright yellow- mellow yellow-and strobing.  It even glows in the dark so you can locate it when its pitch black (a great idea for LST model tents) and the battery can run it for up to 12 hours!


2.  MorrFlate Duo

We all spend way too much time airing down our tires before a ride and then airing back up at the end of the day or trip.  This Morrflate Duo will help get you on the trail and back home much faster!  You can air up 1 to 2 tires simultaneously (Less stress on your compressor!) and air down 1 to 2 tires simultaneously (Less stress on you!).  It effortlessly equalizes tire pressures and helps your tires to last longer.  This will surely be a surprise for that off-roader in your life!


1.  Tembo Tusk Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit

Now everyone knows in order to be a REAL OVERLANDER you have to own and use a Skottle!  Haha!  Well, here is your perfect opportunity to do so!  The grill is fabricated in the USA and comes per-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The Skottle is designed around an inexpensive Coleman style single burner.  The burner simply hangs in the frame under the bottom of the Skottle pan.  The legs are removable.   The carry bag will hold the Skottle pan, burner and up to four 16oz gas bottles.  The legs have a separate storage bag with a Velcro closure. 


There you have it! Solid recommendations in ALL PRICE categories (depending on how much you want to spend) that are sure to put a smile on your Overlanders face this Holiday season!  So check these out and do your due diligence to make your life and their life much easier when it comes to life out on the trail!  Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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