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Skottle Grill FAQs (Everything You Need to Know)

Skottle Grill FAQs - Artemis Overland

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the skottle grill is a great alternative to just a fire pit and a cooking pan. 

In today’s blog post, Artemis Overland, a premier overlanding supplier in Springfield, Missouri, covers the frequently asked questions (FAQs) around skottle grills and some hot tips on how to use your skottle grill like a pro. 

The Origins of the Skottle Grill

The skottle (pronounced “skaw-till”) originally hails from South Africa. It’s one of the concave metal disks that are part of a disc harrow.

This disc was used as a piece of agricultural farming equipment that tills the soil so that crops can be planted. It was also used to cut away weeds. I'm sure they washed it before using it as a hot plate.

harrow discs on a South African agricultural tilling equipment

It was repurposed by South African farmers to cook Boerewors sausage. In other words, at some point someone picked up an unused metal disc, lit a fire underneath it, and slathered the top with oil —voila, you have a grill to cook with.

The Modern Day Skottle Grill Pans & Kits

Tumbo Tusk Skottle Grill set with portable, green carry bags

The skottle has evolved quite a bit since its humble beginnings. Skottle grills come with all sorts of great features, as well as after-purchase add-on accessories. 

  • Adjustable height leg stands
  • Easy-to-use single burner hookup 
  • Non-stick cooking surface 
  • Separate storage bags and wind blocker kits

How Do You Set Up a Skottle? 

Each leg slides into the grooves at the bottom of the skottle and the screws are tightened to hold it in place. Take a simple burner and slide it into a retainer at the bottom of the cooking surface.

What Food Can I Cook with My Skottle Grill? 

Just about anything. There are plenty of great recipes to choose from. We recommend fajitas — and even stir-fries, curries, stews, and anything that’s saucy. You know. Any food that needs to be moved around and stirred frequently under high heat. 

brussel sprouts being cooked on a skottle grill pan

You can grill delicious meats, but that requires practice. It’s easy to burn the meat by having it sit too long in the middle of the pan.

How Do You Cook with It? 

Coat the grill with oil and wipe off any excess. Remember that food cooks quickly when using a skottle. You’ll want to set your propane stream at a low temperature to start with. 

Add food gently into the skottle’s hot boiling oil; you don’t want any battle scars from cooking with a skottle. Be liberal with adding oil. Just like many outdoor grills, food can stick quickly. 

Similar to a Chinese wok pan, the heat is all in the center. Once your food is done, move it near the outer edges, forming a ring, then add new food to the center. 

Be sure to turn your food frequently with a spatula. The skottle can take a potentially delicious meal for you and your overlanding companions and turn it into a piece of charcoal faster than you think. 

How Do You Season a Skottle? 

Just like a cast-iron skillet, a skottle comes pre-seasoned. To season it before use, just take some oil and a paper towel and rub the surface of the skottle down with a thin coat of oil.

How Do You Clean a Skottle? 

One of the upsides to owning a skottle grill is that it's insanely easy to clean. Here are the steps: 

  1. First, boil water in the skottle. 
  2. Get a wooden spoon or spatula and scrape off the sticky bits on the surface. 
  3. Get some rock salt and spread it over the surface of the skottle. 
  4. Then get a paper towel and scrub it all off. 

That’s it. You’re all done. 

How Can I Maintain My Skottle Grill? 

Make sure it doesn’t sit for long periods of time submerged in water, it will be sure to rust and ruin. Some brands, like Tembo Tusk, offer pan conditioner to better maintain it over time.  

Which is the Best Skottle Brand to Buy?  

As far as skottle grills go, there are two primary brands dominating the market: Oris and Tembo Tusk. It’s a rivalry, sure. But both provide great value. However, the Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill is one of the most popular on the market today. 

Tembo Tusk Skottle Grills offers plenty of after-market accessories and add-ons that really make it shine: 

What’s the Downside of Owning a Skottle Grill?  

You have to make sure your cooking surface is level, otherwise, the legs of the skottle will be uneven, and that means your food won’t get cooked evenly.

If it’s windy outside, cooking with the skottle can be a downright hassle. Some skottle brands do offer nifty skottle wind guard applications to hedge against this. 

Each part of the skottle takes up a lot of room. So be prepared to find some extra space to fit this in. 

Shop at Artemis Overland for Skottle Grills and Other Outdoor Cooking Accessories

We offer a wide selection of high-quality products for overlanding, camping, and offroading, including name-brand skottle grills and accessories. If you have any questions or need help with a purchase, contact us at (417) 501-1190. 

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