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Overlanding Gear: 5 Must-Have Accessories

Overlanding Gear: 5 Must-Have Accessories

Overlanding is about adventure and exploration, and your 4x4 vehicle can only go so far without essential overlanding gear and accessories. 

At Artemis Overland, we have everything you need, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time overlanding adventurer. In this blog post, we’ll feature five must-have accessories to add to your collection of overlanding gear. 

Rooftop Tent

Image: Alu-Cab Rooftop Tent

It’s hard to find a photo of an overlanding vehicle without a rooftop tent attached! There’s a reason for that: Rooftop tents are the very best option for comfort and safety while camping. Hardshell designs like the Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition are incredibly easy to assemble, and are weatherproof. Because you’re off the ground, you’ll be away from any creepy crawlies and wildlife that may lurk around your campsite. 

View Rooftop tents from Artemis Overland

Winch and Recovery Kit

Image: Comeup DV91

Winches and winch accessory kits are essential pieces of overlanding gear. Winches are used to recover 4x4 vehicles stuck in mud, sand or any other sticky situation. Models like the Comeup DV-91 24-V Winch have a rated line-pull of 9,000 pounds, and also include a thermometric LED indicator on the hand-held switch that automatically alerts when the motor is overheating.

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Air Kit

Image: VIAIR kit 

Air compressors and deflation kits are a must-have for off-roading vehicles. The VIAIR 400P-Automatic Portable Compressor Kit featured above is a 33% duty cycle unit capable of pressures up to 150 PSI and can be operated for up to 40 minutes at a time before needing to be rested (at up to 40 PSI). 

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Traction Boards

Image: Action Trax recovery board

A winch isn’t the only recovery essential for overlanding vehicles--if you’re planning on doing some serious off-roading, you’ll want to invest in traction boards. At Artemis, we carry Action Trax, which are 100% made in America, and are designed with input from elite military units and winning Baja 1000 racers. When you’re stuck in the mud, you’ll want nothing less! 

View traction boards at Artemis Overland


Image: Cali-Rased Ditch Light

It gets dark out in the wild--so you’ll want to illuminate your adventures with high-quality LED lighting mounts. At Artemis, we carry top-quality brands like Cali-Raised and Rago, from bumper mounts to ditch lights. Improve night-time visibility by adding LED lighting to your overlanding vehicle! 

View Light Mounts from Artemis Overland

Essential Overlanding Gear at Artemis Overland Hardware

At Artemis Overland, our goal is to help you find the perfect overlanding and camping gear to make long-lasting memories outdoors. Artemis Overland is a top-rated seller of overlanding gear in Springfield, MO. Our passionate and knowledgeable sales team will help you find the perfect equipment and accessories for your next adventure. Visit our online shop today, or call us at 417-834-0375 for personalized assistance from us. 

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