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New Product Feature: James Baroud's Frontier Tunnel

New Product Feature: James Baroud's Frontier Tunnel

Artemis Overland Hardware is proud to carry the premium James Baroud line of rooftop tents. As part of this new line, we would like to introduce to you a feature we love: the James Baroud Frontier Tunnel, an unparalleled addition to the world of rooftop camping. Designed for the seasoned outdoor enthusiast, this revolutionary tunnel brings a new level of sophistication and convenience to the camping experience. As we did with our Frontier Series of rooftop tents, our specialists team took our famous Evolution Tunnel and pondered “How can we make this even greater”. And now, with unwavering commitment to innovation, we meticulously crafted a product that seamlessly integrates our Frontier Series rooftop tents with the Falcon Awning 270º  and Classic Awning taking your outdoor adventures to extraordinary heights once more. Check out the Youtube video


Outdoor Gear Constant Innovation

James Baroud Evolution Tunnel from below the falcon awning
The Evolution Tunnel seen from below on promotional images from it’s launch in 2017

James Baroud has established a legacy of introducing groundbreaking products to the outdoor industry. While several brands now offer similar solutions, our patented awning hole that facilitates seamless access to the rooftop tent, along with the option to add a tunnel, pioneered a revolutionary approach to connecting tents with awnings. We were the first to envision and implement this innovative solution, transforming the camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts. And the Evolution Tunnel is a proof of our commitment to improve the outdoor experience with practical and smart designs and technology. After years of use and fame, many people still get surprised by the ingenuity of this accessory design and technology.

However, our team is relentless for amazing outdoor and overland experiences, and we continuously strive to enhance our offerings, constantly challenging ourselves to discover new upgrades and improvements for people who share our passion for overland and the outdoors. Our team of experts tirelessly disassembles, studies and stress tests our products in the wild, searching for ways to make them even better. The Frontier Tunnel is the result of many years of overlanders, clients and our engineers using and testing new ideas. Focusing on ease of usequick installation and versatility, this new product brings a new perspective to the table, and once again, we are proud to take one of our most successful products and make it even better.

New Features for your rooftop tent camping

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel being used as a rainfly
The Frontier Tunnel being used as a rainfly

The Frontier Tunnel introduces a range of innovative features that takes its predecessor to the next level. The tunnel has a two piece design so it can be used as a rainfly or a body wide tunnel to the rooftop tent. Using it as a rainfly can provide a stable protection from weather conditions when climbing on the tent, avoid water getting inside the tent and give more privacy to the tent interior. As a standalone product, the tunnel accompanies pegs and ropes meant to fix the tunnel to the ground so you can improve even further your protection area and privacy space.

The Frontier Tunnel as a rainfly seen from below, focusing on it's window
The Tunnel upper window, three times the size of its predecessor
A zoom on the Frontier Awning front and top window
The top and front window with a combination of a transparent Fabric and our Mosquito net for a private experience

Illuminated by a transparent upper window that allows the light to pour in, and complemented by a convenient front window that can be easily zipped open to invite refreshing airflow, the Frontier Tunnel takes camping to new heights. Embracing the beauty of natural light and increased ventilation, this tunnel bathes the interior in a warm glow while ensuring a steady breeze throughout. Compared to our Evolution Tunnel, it also sets itself apart with an extended passageway length, providing campers with unparalleled accessibility for seamless entry and exit, making every adventure effortless and enjoyable.

The Frontier Tunnel connecting the Odyssey to the Falcon Awning 270º
The Frontier Tunnel connecting the Odyssey to the Falcon Awning 270º

The two-piece zipped together integrates the Frontier Series rooftop tents to our Falcon Awning 270º and the Classic Awning by the awning hole and a velcro attachment, creating a spacious living space free from sun heat, pouring rain and snow. Further enhance your living space with the Awning Walls and create your own private outdoor hideout.

Features Evolution Tunnel Frontier Tunnel
Design Small transparent upper window Big transparent upper window
Transparent front window that can be zipped open
Passageway Length 58cm 70cm
Material Evolution Fabric Frontier Fabric
Attachment Glue profile to shell then slide Slide into rooftop tent built in side rails
Uses Standalone Tunnel
Rooftop tent and Awning connection
Standalone Tunnel
Rooftop tent and Awning connection
Windows Small transparent upper window Big transparent upper window
Transparent front window that can be zipped open

Premium Material and Craftsmanship

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel seen on the side

Crafted from the renowned Frontier Fabric found in the James Baroud Odyssey rooftop tent , the mosquito net and transparent windows, the Frontier Tunnel embodies unwavering quality and durability. Its tear-resistant construction withstands the rigors of outdoor adventures, while the fabric’s waterproof properties keep you dry during unexpected downpours. The windows are made with a combination of our mosquito netting and a transparent fabric, the perfect combination for your privacy, offering privacy from outside while allowing clear views from inside.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel Aluminun Poles
The tunnel aluminum poles with it’s smart folding design to save storage space

Engineered with the highest standards in mind, it also boasts a robust aluminum structure that ensures exceptional strength and stability. Its meticulously designed poles create a tensioned framework, enabling the Frontier Tunnel to withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions with ease. Every detail of the tunnel is carefully crafted, including the velcro strip that seals the entrance to the awning. This intricate design provides a watertight seal, preventing any water from seeping inside, even during heavy rainfall.

To ensure effective water protection for the tent, it features clever attachments on each upper side of the fabric. These attachments can be easily inserted into the tent shell, creating a secure seal between the rooftop tent door and the Tunnel. This smart and straightforward design effectively prevents water from entering the tent, keeping you dry and comfortable even during heavy rain showers.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel Parts
The Frontier Tunnel parts: high-quality premium materials and innovative design

The Frontier Tunnel is also accompanied by its dedicated case, a testament to our commitment to quality and convenience. This waterproof and tear-resistant case ensures that the tunnel remains protected during transportation and storage, ready for your next adventure. The tunnel itself is designed with convenience in mind, as its parts can be easily folded and compacted, allowing you to optimize your gear space without sacrificing functionality. Even the aluminum poles feature a unique folding design, further exemplifying our meticulous attention to detail.

Installation Instructions

Practicality and easy accessorizing are key goals for our Frontier Series products. With the Odyssey rooftop tent built-in side gutters, installing external and internal accessories has never been easier. And that is a prominent feature of the new Frontier Tunnel, follow the simple steps below, and you’re done in a couple of minutes.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel Parts

Step 1: Assembling the Frontier Tunnel is a quick and straightforward process. Begin by sliding the aluminum poles into the tunnel casings and securely connecting them.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel being attached to the Odyssey tent

Step 2: Once assembled, simply slide the Frontier Tunnel into the side gutters of your Odyssey rooftop tent.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel fabric fix attachment animation

Step 3: Insert the top part of the fabric below the tent top shell to create a perfect sealed connection.

James Baroud Frontier Tunnel used as a standalone product with ropes and pegs
The Frontier Tunnel without the awning fixed to the ground, providing protection when climbing to your rooftop tent

Note: After setting it up without the awning, it’s possible to fix the tunnel to the ground with pegs and ropes to improve stability in windy conditions.

Bottom part of the James Baroud Frontier Tunnel being zipped
Easily attaching both parts of the tunnel with a zipper after installation

Step 4: For a sealed and complete tunnel, zip both parts together, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. You have the flexibility to do this either before or after installation, allowing for convenient customization.

Phillip Thurston instructions video of the Evolution Tunnel

Step 5: To connect the tunnel to the awning the process is the same as the Frontier Tunnel, take the connecting velcro strip and attach it to the tunnel, then sandwich the awning hole by attaching the velcro parts on the top and bottom part of the tunnel hole.

Step up your rooftop camping experience

The James Baroud Frontier Tunnel serves as a game-changing accessory, enabling seamless integration between Odyssey rooftop tents and the Falcon Awning 270º or Classic Awning. With its effortless assembly, versatile functionality, optimal airflow, and enhanced comfort, the Frontier Tunnel takes your camping experience to new heights.

Still curious about the James Baroud Frontier Tunnel or any other camping-related topics? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out and ask us anything. Aaron is ready to provide the information you need to make the most of your outdoor overland camping adventures.

Read more about the James Baroud Frontier Tunnel and unlock a world of seamless integration for your rooftop tent and awning. Visit the James Baroud Frontier Tunnel product page  to read more about its technical characteristics, and visit Artemis Overland Hardware, and embark on an unforgettable journey equipped with the pinnacle of camping gear innovation. 

Originally published by James Baroud 23 JUL 2023

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