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Buy Once, Cry Once

Buy Once, Cry Once

There is an old adage that states, "buy once, cry once." It is a term to describe the purchasing of an expensive item, of excellent quality. Implies that the owner will initially, have reservations or guilt for buying ... Yes expensive, but of great quality.  That is the concentration.


I have struggled for years, as most do, with discovering there is a huge difference between what I want and what I can afford.  What I want is the best.  I know I will never be satisfied with anything less.  I do buy the less expensive and sometimes it works out.  Most of the time I am swimming in a sea of regret, realizing patience and doing without, saving up for the best would be so worth it.  Yet, here I am again, on the edge of the cliff, wondering if I should jump or not.  Not really, but that is how it feels when you are faced with a decision.


Many items of purchased gear are end up posted by joyful owners throughout the course of each week flooding Social Media.  It never fails that the responses come as arrows flying toward a defenseless target.  "OMG!  I would never pay that!" fly the arrows of the frugal (not cheap). "I prefer to save money going the route of "built, not bought" come the arrows of the hard-core burly outdoorsy craftsman.  "I can only dream of having that!" typed out by the ones who have more than enough to purchase, but have sixteen kids under 8 running around.  It is not quite on their list of current priorities.  The list goes on and on.  The owner being decisive and hopefully tactful in his or her responses.


A few things to remember when purchasing an item that is costly and important to you for the future.  Is it safe?  Is it well made to keep you and your family safe? Is it reputable?  What do others say about it?  Has it been out very long?  I was brought up to know you never buy a vehicle, motorcycle, or product the first year it comes out.  No sense in dealing with all the recalls and bugs that need worked out.  How does the price compare to competition?  How long do I plan to keep this item?  Does it have a good warranty and customer service?  That last one can save you tons of heartache and headache.

In the Overlanding Community, new products are coming out constantly.  From the latest $20k rooftop tent to the $60-80k trailers to the low priced shower solutions, we see new products every single day.  Expos and events are held many times throughout each year in order to display the latest and greatest products.  You finally find what you want and turn right around and boom, there is something lighter, cheaper (maybe or maybe not), fancier.  You do not need it, but you know you will want it for the cool factor.

Whether we need something or not is for another post, so now we concentrate on quality products.  Not all quality products are the most expensive, but good research goes along way before making that large purchase.  Know your product.  I understand we have to get what we can afford, but sometimes we also can afford to wait and be patient.  Put a little extra here and there back in order to get the best product.

"Buy once, cry once…"  Yes, you may have some immediate regret knowing that you paid more than what you wanted to, but more than likely, the time will come, when you will be glad you have quality over cheap.  When that rainstorm comes, when you still have it 5 years down the road and it is still holding up, when that summer heat is belting down…yes you cried when you bought it, but that is the only time you will cry. For now you know you did the right thing.

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