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TrekPak Foam Drawer Liner for Drawer Box Bottom

TrekPak takes your organization to a whole new level of excellence and efficiency. When everything has a home life gets better and less time wasted searching through and over gear to find what you need.

TrekPak Drawer Floor Liner is a 1/16"-1/8" thick foam that is designed to line the bottom of the drawer prior to TrekPak organizer installation. Provides a soft surface for your gear and cuts down on sliding and noise.

Sold in blocks by size - block sizes from 1-8 square feet.

To calculate square footage, take the width in inches and multiply it by the length in inches and then divide by 144, this will give you the square footage minimum size you need to order. For example, if your drawer bottom measures 18" x 26" then you need 3.25 sq ft, so you will need to order a 4 square foot maximum section. When you order a 4 Sq Ft Piece you will only get the 18" x 26" piece you order, off fall is not included in the purchase.