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The Water Boy camping sink is a high performance, self-contained camping water system designed to give car campers and other remote dwellers the next level of performance in a 12V pressurized water supply. This all-in-one portable camping sink comes with an electric pump that provides pressurized and filtered water at household level pressures and flows and is powerful enough to drive larger portable on-demand water heaters. Includes a marine faucet, a 65 psi, 3 GPM marine grade water pump, rechargeable AGM battery, .05 micron carbon block water filter, voltage meter with USB port, battery charger, and quick release fitments and hoses for attaching to a water supply and an optional hot water heater.  

We created this high-performance camp sink because we like our cold drinking water delivered fast, clean, and without any chlorine or other bad tastes. We also like instant hot water for dishes and hot showers. The Water Boy easily modulates temperature and flow regardless of the source temperature of your water. Both of these require a pumping power and flow rate beyond what any other camping sinks with water pumps currently deliver.

We've been using Mr. Heater, Zodi, Coleman, and other portable sinks in our camp kitchen for years. They certainly have their place, but they all require you to recirculate the water into the input source to get the appropriate output temperature. This process can be lengthy with a cold water source. You must also continuously monitor the output temperature to get an appropriate output temperature and flows and pressures are weak and largely static. Battery life is also short on all of these units and they can get costly to operate if they use common D batteries.

With the optional propane water heater, The Water Boy portable camp sink can provide on-demand hot water at exactly the temperature you want without recirculating and monitoring the output temperature.  A full battery charge will provide 50-70 gallons of pumping power. Our optional on-demand water heaters have a 36,000 BTU/hr rating and can raise the water temperature as much as 110 degrees F. By comparison, most other portable water heaters have 10,000 – 16,000 BTU/hr of thermal output.

19.75” W x 12” D x 8.5” H
23 lbs (dry)

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