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Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser Hybrid Flat top roof rack - 6 feet long

Landcruiser 200 series 1.8m (6 Feet) steel roof rack, flat top rear with a front leading edge cargo bar.   This "hybrid" flat top rack supports mounting a roof top tent in the back with its powder coated steel mesh.  The front leading edge features a leading bar that allows mounting cargo in front of your tent area that is supported for hard braking/descending without the consern of your cargo shifting.   In Austraila they call this rack a "roof top tent" rack since most of the rack is flat in the back.   In the US its commonly called a hybrid since it combines both the positive features of a full cage style and the full flat top racks. 

 100% bolt on for your truck. 



1 Hybrid flat top steel rack - Black

1 Full set of mounting feet for one truck