Artemis Overland Hestia Multi-Stove

Sale price$249.99

Artemis Overland Hestia Multi-Stove

The Artemis Overland Hestia Multi-Stove is the next great innovation to the legendary skottle grill. 

Our unique, fold flat design allows for easy transport and assembly. The Hestia can be put together or taken apart in less than a minute. The most innovative part of our design is the ability to remove the skottle dish (included) and use other cookware with the burner. This works great for skillets, pots, and kettles. 

Included with each purchase is the Kovea Hiker burner and propane adapter. This can then be attached to common propane bottles used for camping. While it is recommended you use propane for the best heating results, the Hestia can also hold smaller isobutane or other canned fuels to heat lower BTU cookware. 

Currently, each Swift is made to order, so be sure to let us know what color you'd like. We also have an optional side table (not pictured) that attaches to the upper arms available for $35.00. Local customers can take $25.00 off the price of the Hestia if available for pick up. 


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