Tembo Tusk Fridge Slides

Tembo TuskSKU: TTSFP28

Size: 40L/42L/50L/52L
Model: Front Pull
Accessory: No Cutting Board
Sale price$495.00


Compatible with all SnoMaster and National Luna Fridges we sell, this Made in USA fridge slide features extreme-duty, locking flat slides from Accuride, which are as robust as the name touts, and an optional hidden cutting board underneath for convenient food preparation. These tracks can be found in emergency vehicles, utility trucks, big rigs, and within the military. Accuride Sides are made from chromate steel using steel ball bearings for a smooth durable movement and rubber bumpers to ensure a quiet closure. The Tembo Tusk Slides are made from 12- and 14- gauge steel to ensure rigidity and long term durability. They are machine bent for accuracy and hand welded and assembled for quality control. They use a powder coated finish and assemble each slide using stainless steel fasteners. And lastly, when a Tembo Tusk slide is deemed complete, they proudly bolt on the Tembo Tusk name plate, ensuring their slides are now ready for the road less traveled.


Optional Buffalo Straps sold separately.

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