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Tembo Tusk BuzzyWaxx Skottle Pan Conditioner

Tembo Tusk BuzzyWaxx Skottle Pan Conditioner

TemboTusk and BuzzyWaxx have teamed up to bring you a new way to condition, re-season and maintain your Skottle Grill Pan. 

The Tusk Skottle Grill is shipped with an excellent seasoning in place.  However, as with any seasoned cast iron or steel product; up keep and maintenance of the cooking surface will increase the pleasure and ease of use while cooking..  

BuzzyWaxx blends high end Grapeseed Oil with Canola Oil, and ads just the right amount of Beexwax.  Both Grapeseed and Canola have a high smoke point for seasoning and will give an amazing finish and a solid cooking slickness.  

We have placed the BuzzyWaxx puck into an Overland friendly aluminum tin for easy transportation and for keeping the wax handy.
The full tin measures 2.25" x 1" and weighs 2oz.

How to use instructions included.