Suzuki Grand Vitara 8/2005-15 3 Doors 1.5" Nitro Gas Suspension Kit - Performance Load (0-440LBS) (SUZ019AKG)

Sale price$808.00


Estimated Lift: 1.5"
Package Details: Kit
Attributes: Short Wheel Base
Monocoque Bodies: Vehicles with Monocoque body construction can be subject to increased NVH (Noise) with upgraded suspension installed.



This kit includes:

  • SUZ019B Front Performance Coil Springs (one set)
  • SUZ020A Rear Performance Coil Springs SWB (GV3) (one set)
  • 12721GR Front Strut - Nitro Gas (2)
  • 12722GR Rear Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas (2)

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