Striker Halogen/HID Yellow Filter-Spot

LightforceSKU: la073

Color: yellow
Sale price$16.00


Durable polycarbonate covers should remain fitted to driving lights at all times. Capable of absorbing road grime and bombardment for many a highway mile, these replaceable covers should be renewed from time to time to protect your investment and maintain maximum beam output. Driving light filters feature the distinctive Lightforce script logo.


Amber filters are used to enhance vision when off-road driving through haze and dust.
Clear filters are used to change the beam pattern of a spot beam light, as well as to provide protection to your lights.
Clear filters are available in the spot beam pattern, combo beam pattern and wide beam pattern.
Crystal Blue filters are used to increase clarity when driving.
Yellow filters are used to enhance vision in fog, haze and dust.

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