Stealth Sleep Package for 100 Series Land Cruiser


Sale price$1,598.00


Take your Land Cruiser to the next level in minimalist camping with our Stealth Sleep Package. The Stealth Sleep Package includes the rear plate as well as the second row low profile seat deletes/sleeping platforms.

The second row deletes feature lockable storage compartments to keep your valuables secure.

Overall length is 75.5" from front to rear of vehicle with the front row seats in the full back position.

By purchasing the combo kit you save $75.00 over buying the items separately.

This package includes the following: PLC100-STEALTH

LC100 Rear Plate System PLC100-v2p1
LC100 60% Drivers Side PLC100-LowSL-Drivers
LC100 40% Passengers Side PLC100-LowSL-Pass

The overall length of the sleeping platform with the rear plate is 79" from tailgate to back of front row seats. This is measured with the front row seats in the full back position.

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