SHW OFFROAD 2.5 Gen Tundra Seat 60% Seat Delete-Optional MOLLE Back Wall

Optional Back Panel: Packout
Sale price$1,349.00

A CNC cut Seat Delete designed to perfectly fit the 2.5 Gen (2014-2021) Toyota Tundra Double Cab. All pieces are cut from a lightweight plywood imported from Spain and come finished with a Polyurea Bedliner coating.

All SHW Seat Deletes are made in Winchester, KY and include free shipping

*Fits the Double Cab


  • Fits 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra

  • Two access panels

  • Polyurea (bedliner) coating

  • 40 minute install time, 2hr install time with back wall
  • Seat delete can be used with stock back wall.

  • No drilling required.

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