Camping Gear Storage: Rooftop Tents, Campers, Gear, Bikes, Kayaks/Canoes

Sale price$25.00


Can't pull into your garage? Low on storage for all of your camping and adventure gear? Arguing about the messy garage again? 

We've got you "covered."

Indoor storage available for rooftop tents, canoes, kayaks, bikes, teardrop trailers, and campers. We have 10 x 10 storage areas that can be reserved for all of your gear (10 available). 

Call today 417-501-1190 today to reserve your spot! 

Monthly Rental for Roof Top Tents

$25 per month

$50 per month unlimited uninstall and install.

$50 per install with monthly rental

10 x 10 Camping Storage

$100 per month

$50 per month unlimited uninstall and install of Roof Top Tents with monthly rental

(10 available. Secure indoor storage, without climate control). 


$15 per month

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