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Rago Fabrication MaxTrax Mounts for Hi-Lift Jack

Rago Fabrication MaxTrax Mounts for Hi-Lift Jack

The Rago Hi-Lift Jack Trax Mounts allow you to secure your recovery boards directly on to your Hi-Lift Jack with the MaxTrax Mounting Pins. Whether you are mounting your hi-lift jack on our Toyota Bed Rail Hi-Lift Jack Mounts, on our Roof Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mounts, on your bed rack, or on a Jeep - the mounting possibilities are almost endless with this mount!  The multiple holes also allow you to mount Quick Fists to the back side of the mounting plate for mounting shovels or other recovery gear. They are extremely easy to install and come with all mounting hardware. We even include a tool specifically designed to remove the wing nuts and MaxTrax Mounting Pins!
These mounts come powder coated black. 

***MaxTrax Mounting Pins are sold separately.