LED Driving Light Infrared Rectangle 60 Watt Striker Lightforce


Sale price$616.55


Striker IR LEDs are the latest infrared driving lights from Lightforce. Their rectangular shape gives them a rugged look on any 4X4 or SUV, and that's the only thing even slightly square about them. They're designed to perform to our impossibly high standards, and their IP68 and IP69k ingress protection rating means they can handle a roaring creek crossing and even a high-pressure wash after a little adventure in the mud and dust or while serving a warrant.

Reduced radio interference technology allows you to operate communications equipment such as ham radios, CB and FRS radios static-free. And a range of rectangular modular filters lets you modify the lights to suit any conditions.

  • A pair of protective clear spot filters is included.
  • Operating at 850nM, they perform well with all types and generations of night vision and remain our most premium IR product offering.
  • A complete wiring harness is also included for easy installation.

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