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Italian Reproduction Officers Blanket W/Star

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Italian Reproduction Officers Blanket W/Star

Once upon a time, we had an entire container full (5000pcs) of what we thought was nothing but the original Italian wool soldiers blankets. But, in the mix, we discovered a few heavy Italian officers blankets with stars. Needless to say, we were in love instantly. Although everyone adored and wanted these gems, we didn't feel it was right to sell them... the horrendous smell of mothballs was insufferable, and we decided that it wasn't right to ship them in that condition.

Since there were no more to be found (and everybody wanted them) we decided to recreate this beautiful Italian officers blanket. It weighs a whopping 5 lbs, made of 80% wool and are 60" x 84" with the officer star stitch. NO SMELL, heavy duty quality soft and beautiful and the best thing ....they are only $39.99! 

Get them while they last... limited quantities available and they sell out quickly.