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Without a doubt the hoodie is the most versatile garment for active outdoorspeople, but its drawstring hood does have drawbacks. Don't tie the drawstring, and the hood is difficult to keep on during movement or from the wind. Secure the drawstring tight, and the hood bunches up to cover the face and dangerously obstructs the wearer’s vision. HoodieLoc offers the ultimate solution.

HoodieLoc is manufactured to stringent specifications for easy insertion into a hoodie’s drawstring holes, with drawstring in place, to become the hood’s form-fitting foundation to secure the hood firmly on the head. HoodieLoc holds the hood in place without use of the drawstring during a wide variety of activities. And, when the drawstring is tightened, it allows the hood to be drawn tight around the head and face to lock the cold out and lock the body warmth in, without covering the wearer’s eyes to allow full vision.

HoodieLoc’s durable construction allows it to be custom-fitted to any head size and face shape for a comfortable fit and hood-holding positioning. Its metal design also allows use with the LocLighter, a magnetic LED light that attaches through hood fabric by magnetic force on the outside of the hood to provide hand’s free illumination, as well as to serve as a personal safety device for self-visibility during a variety of activities.

Think warmth. Think vision. Think safety. HoodieLoc.

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