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Kovea Giga Sun

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Kovea Giga Sun

The Giga Sun Heater has a distinct yet modern look of an old circular furnace, where instead of coal or wood, the gas emits heat in a 360-degree radius. It has a built in safety feature that automatically shuts itself off if it tilts or tips over, or when carbon monoxide levels gets too high. Great for camping and backpacking with its lightweight, compact size.

  • Fuel: Propane gas
  • 500g/h (6,000 kcal / 23,800 BTU / 6.97 kW) consumption
  • Mesh based heating system which releases heat in a 360-degree radius
  • Automatic ignition start with 3 levels of heat adjustment
  • Maximum heat output but small, compact in size
  • Lightweight with foldable legs which provide a stable base
  • Ease of movement with carrying handle
  • Replaceable safety mesh which prevents accessibility to high temperature parts
  • Safety features to automatically shut itself off if it tilts or tips over, or when carbon monoxide levels get to high

Weight: 6kg

Dimensions: 18.00 x 18.00 x 25.20 cm