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German Army ACU Combat Knife Set

German Army ACU Combat Knife Set

So... this is awesome. When accuracy, quality, and utility come together, you know the Germans are involved—just like with this special ops knife they issue. Don't miss out on this fine military piece of equipment. Introducing the German Military issue new ACU pattern knife combat set:

The first knife features a fixed 8 1/2" blade knife. One side has a gut hook—the other side has a saw blade section.

The second knife has 3 Blades.

  • blade 1 = Finely sharpened 3 1/2" blade with a gut hook
  • blade 2 = 3 1/2" blade with a gut hook
  • blade 3 = double-sided knife/saw

The knife also comes with a carabiner equipped with a small blade, a file with a flat head screwdriver and a scissor, and a 4-inch flashlight that takes 3 AAA batteries. It all fits into a nice 3-inch wide belt loop carrying case.