Garage Smart Hard Top Lifter

Vehicle Type: Jeep
Sale price$789.00
  • The Smartest Hardtop Removal and Storage
  • Do-It-Yourself Hardtop Removal
  • Safe and Sturdy Storage
  • The Hard Top Lifter includes the following:

The Hard Top Lifter makes removing your vehicle’s hardtop a one-person job and gives you your garage back with its safe overhead storage capability. All you need to control the Hard Top Lifter is the MyLifter smartphone app on a Bluetooth-enabled device. (The app is compatible with iOS and Android.) As with all Garage Smart products, the patented power passthrough technology allows the Hard Top Lifter to daisy chain with other AC-powered products, making it easy to create a smart garage with limited outlets.

Stop using unreliable, unsafe lifting mechanisms and waiting around for helping hands to get your hardtop off. Safely and easily remove your hardtop with a tap on your smartphone. Plus, patented hands-free spooling keeps you from manually pulling and unwinding a tangled cable for smooth, effortless hardtop lifting.

The Hard Top Lifter doesn’t just give you easy removal, it also provides a safe and convenient storage alternative to the garage floor. With four stable lifting cables, your hardtop won’t spin or twist while suspended and included Freedom Panel storage allows for getting your hardtop about two feet closer to the ceiling than other overhead storage solutions. The Hard Top Lifter is also the only overhead hardtop storage that can be rebalanced and raised close to the ceiling during top-on season, so your lifting frame doesn’t provide a hazard in your garage. 



- 2 MyLifters

- 2 Smart Tracks

- 2 Power Adapters

- 1 DC Cable

- 2 Carabiner Clips


- 2 Ceiling Wire Clips


- 1 Hardtop Bracket

- 1 Cargo Support Net

- Mounting Hardware

- User Manual


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