Factor 55 Splicer XTV 3/16-1/4" Synthetic Rope Splice-On Shackle Mount

Factor 55SKU: 00355-01

Color: Red
Sale price$77.50


Splicer XTV 3/16-1/4" Synthetic Rope Splice-On Shackle Mount 


THE SPLICER XTV Splice on thimble for UTV/ATV winches. The world’s first splice on synthetic rope shackle mounting thimble with rope protection and integrated rubber pad for UTV/ATV. The unique machined rope passage provides a tough outer barrier to protect against rope impact and abrasion as well as UV exposure protection.

Due to the splice-on design, the Working Load Limit (WLL) is based on the rope diameter used. Each Splice-On Shackle Mount exceeds minimum bend radius requirements to provide full breaking strengths of synthetic winch lines used.


  • Connects to both the pin and bow end of common 1/2″ and 5/8″ screw pin shackles
  • Connects to the pin end of common 3/4″ shackles
  • For synthetic rope diameters up to 5/16″
  • Weight 4 oz

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