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Set of two or four Drawer Dividers. Fits both drawers on full-size truck and cargo van systems and wide drawer ONLY on midsize trucks. Does not fit narrow drawer on midsize trucks.

Set of two or four drawer dividers. These dividers fit all full-size truck and cargo van DECKED drawers as well as the wide drawer on midsize DECKED systems. They do NOT fit the narrow drawer on midsize DECKED systems. 

The dividers are 8" tall and fit into mounting positions within the DECKED drawers, allowing you to customize the drawers for your gear. Each divider has cut-outs that allow you to secure your gear with handy tie-down points. Light gray in color to make finding your stuff easier. Can be taken out or re-positioned with ease. Made from polypropylene. 

Set of two DECKED Drawer Dividers. Fits both drawers on full-size truck DECKED systems and wide drawer ONLY on midsize truck systems. Does not fit narrow drawer on midsize systems.

8" tall x 18 5/8" wide

Ordering drawer dividers for a previously purchased DECKED Drawer System?Make sure to check the slots in the upper sides of your drawers to see if the dividers are compatible. If you’re purchasing a new system, dividers are compatible, so order up!

drawer divider compatibility