Claymore V-600 + Rechargeable Circulator Fan


Material: FAN+BAG
Sale price$64.50


Introducing the New V600+

We are reaching out in regards to the new and improved V600+ fan from CLAYMORE.

Making subtle changes in performance while maintaining key design elements, the V600+ is the latest and greatest.

Some of the key changes CLAYMORE made with the new fan includes a more powerful,3.7V Li-ion 7,800mAh battery, compared to its previous 6,000mAh battery capacity.

The run time will now be 7-32 hours from 5-15 hours.

Fan blade has increased to 6.5 inches.

The V600+ will now be sold with the travel bag, so buying one separately will no longer be the case.

The pervious USB charging port has been updated to a USB Type- C style port, making it more accessible and easier to charge.

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