23Zero Canvas trail blanket


Sale price$149.00


Based off the 23 zero Duck down trail blanket but instead of ultra modern light synthetic material and duck fill  the 23 Zero’s Canvas Trail blanket use a heavier canvas outer shell and a traditional flannel inner lining, it offers the freedom to be used as a bedding comforter in Roof top tents, camper trailers, Rv’s, or at home.

Built using a water-resistant canvas outer shell with a soft handle cotton flannel lining, the canvas trail blanket provides snug comfort and warmth.

The dual layer construction minimizes cold spots trapping body heat where it is required.

Ideally sized to be used as a one or two person duvet in roof top tents up to 72 inch, tear drop trailers, Rv’s or even at home. It stows perfectly where space saving is often critical. The 23 Zero Canvas Trail blanket is the ideal addition to your outdoor kit.

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