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Camel Trophy Recovery Kit

The Camel Trophy Recovery Kit was a special request from a U.S. Team Camel Trophy driver who now does special training for the Department of Defense. He is still using his Camel Trophy vehicle for off-road driver training today.

We're happy to be able to support his activities with reliable products that stand up to the rigors of off-road abuse. We duly name this kit in honor of his efforts past and present.

The Camel Trophy Recovery Kit contains:

  • 4" x 30' snatch strap
  • 3" x 6' double-ply tree saver
  • XD snatch block
  • Steel receiver shackle bracket (powder coated)
  • 7/8" D-Ring shackles (2)
  • Suede cowhide work gloves with protective cuffs
  • 18" wide-mouth Gear Bag
  • Camel Trophy decal