Cali Raised Low Profile Ditch Light Mounting Brackets Chevy Colorado/Canyon

Cali Raised LEDSKU: CRCOL0001

Sale price$54.99


Mount your lights with confidence and take on the trail with style with our 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado/Canyon Low Profile Ditch Light Mounting Brackets. Why use ditch lights? Ditch light mounts are roughly placed at 45° angle away from the vehicle which illuminates the sides of the road at night to enhance visibility.

The durable, low-profile design is the lowest profile on the market, which aids in protecting your lights from damage without inhibiting your view. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, these custom-designed and laser-cut brackets will hold your light pods securely - on and off the trail, rain or shine. To defend against corrosion our brackets are professionally powder-coated in a durable black semi-gloss finish.

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