Hard Korr Cable Kit

Hard KorrSKU: extpack

Sale price$19.00

These quick-connect leads make extending the Hard Korr® Camping Light Kit or any other Hard Korr® orange/white products very easy. No soldering, just plug and play.

  • Waterproof once connected.
  • 1x 4ft (1.2m) Cable.
  • 2x 8ft (2.5m) Cable.
  • 1x 3 way splitter.
  • Will run up to 8 x 19″ (48cm) Orange/white camp bars.
  • Plug and Play quick connect.
  • Can be used with the camping light kit range.

The Hard Korr® Guarantee

All Hard Korr® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 5-year USA warranty.

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