Black Cover for 6 inch Lance Halogen Ultra Compact Lightforce


Sale price$15.20


Durable polycarbonate filters should remain fitted to driving lights at all times. Capable of absorbing road grime and bombardment for many a highway mile, these replaceable covers should be renewed from time to time to protect your investment and maintain maximum beam output.

Driving light filters feature the distinctive Lightforce script logo.


  • Amber filters are used to enhance vision when off-road driving through haze and dust
  • Clear filters are used to change the beam pattern of a spot beam light, as well as to provide protection to your lights.
  • Clear filters are available in the spot beam pattern, combo beam pattern and wide beam pattern.
  • Crystal Blue filters are used to increase clarity when driving.
  • Yellow filters are used to enhance vision in fog, haze and dust.
  • Driving light filters can enhance your vision when driving on or off-road. Choose the right filter from many options.

Kit Inclusions:

  • Black
  • 1 x Specified 140mm Lance filter

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