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AOH Synthetic Winch Kit featuring Safe-T-Line®

AOH Winch Kit includes:

  • Heavy-duty Winch Hook 
  • Hawse Fairlead.
  • 5/16" x 100' Safe-T-Line® "SAFETY BLUE" Winch-rope
  • rated at 12,000 lbs.
  • Mega-Tuff Gusset Thimble.
  • Heavy-Duty Drum-end Terminal connector.
  • 10 ft. rock guard 
  • Made in the U.S.A

Safe-T-Line® "SAFETY BLUE" Winch-rope
Our Safe-T-Line® Synthetic Winchrope is made from UHMPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) fiber. At a fraction the weight of steel cable (less than 1/6), it is impressively up to 35% stronger. This makes our Safe-T-Line® winchrope more convenient and safer than conventional steel wire cable. Safe-T-Line® winchrope is easy to handle and also floats on water. Not stiff like cable, it won't get all wound-up (like cable) when unspooled. It can't develop sharp frays, and it doesn't conduct electricity or heat (won't freeze your hands in winter). It won't rust, doesn't kink, doesn't recoil, doesn't stretch, and consequently doesn't store energy, so in the event of exceeding the high strength rating, if it breaks, synthetic winchrope has minimal snapback.

Aluminum Hawse fair-lead: Weighs (2.25 lbs) only a fraction of a steel hawse or roller fair-leads. Each aluminum fair-lead comes with mounting hardware as shown. The Original Slimline! Often copied, but never duplicated! Designed specifically for winches running synthetic winch rope. Standard 10" bolt pattern with 71/4" drum-width slot.

Half-Link Winch Hook: Features a wide heavy duty spring latch and a generous half-link to connect to the winch-rope Gusset Thimble, which is locked in with a mighty shear pin.