Amsteel Winchrope 5/16" x 100' (13,700lb) STRENGTH

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Color: Blue
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Amsteel Winchrope 5/16" x 100' (13,700lb) STRENGTH

U.S. Made Amsteel Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable of the same diameter, and remarkably weighs less than 1/6. It won't get all wound-up like cable when unspooled. It can't develop sharp frays, and it doesn't conduct electricity or heat (won't freeze your hands in winter). It won't rust, doesn't kink, doesn't recoil, doesn't stretch, or doesn't store energy. Need we say more!

Colors: Signature Military OD Green, Black, Red or original Blue.
UV protection coated.
Lock-stitched Class II splicing, with heat-shrink.
10' abrasion guard included. The guard is flexible and compact enough to wind in with the rope. Comes right back out when you unspool. Move the guard along the length of the rope to guard against rock outcrops, etc. when winching.
We recommend one of our larger than stock winch hooks - Self-Locking, Mega, Big Red, or Yellow (as the loop of the rope nestles in a heavy-duty thimble, the clevis opening on your stock hook will probably be too narrow to fit it).
We also highly recommend our aluminum Hawse fairlead (HD or SL), specifically designed for synthetic winch rope use (see below). Do not use a roller fairlead to guide your winch rope. It's simple - have the right equipment, so everything works as designed.

Heavy-duty rope thimble with Class II locking eye splice, and heat-shrink cover.

Note: Our ropes are professionally spliced and crimped.

Extra-large terminal end, with rope heat-shrunk prior to being glued and crimped into the terminal. .

Note: The terminal end (drum connector) prevents the rope from unraveling. It is not a load-bearing tie-down. The terminal end is professionally glued and crimped, and is designed to withstand a certain amount of pull. Improper installation of the rope, or spooling out to the last layer of drum, causing a full load pull to be exerted on the terminal end, however, will cause the terminal end to release the rope, as it is designed to do. This set-up prevents the winch set screw from pulling out of the drum.
We strongly recommend upgrading to a billet aluminum Hawse fairlead to prevent pinching or other damage from a steel roller fairlead. See aluminum fairlead selections below.

Note: As with cable, we recommend keeping a minimum of 8 wraps of synthetic line on the winch drum at all times.

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