Amber 240MM Light Filter Combo Spot Beam Blitz/XGT Lightforce

LightforceSKU: FABD-GJQC

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The 240 BLITZ and 240 XGT offers a performance level suited for those who require extreme long distance visibility such as professional remote long haul truck drivers. When focussed to its tightest spot there are few lights in the world that can compete when distance does matter. Durable polycarbonate filters should remain fitted to driving lights at all times.

Capable of absorbing road grime and bombardment for many a highway mile, these replaceable filters should be renewed from time to time to protect your investment and maintain maximum beam output. Driving light filters feature the distinctive Lightforce script logo.

  • Amber Filter
  • Spot Pattern
  • Amber filters are used to enhance vision when off-road driving through haze and dust

Driving light filters can enhance vision when driving on or off-road. Various colors and output options are available for every road condition and environment.
Kit Inclusions:

  • 1 x Amber 240mm Blitz / XGT filter

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