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Alu Cab Wood Box

Alu-Cab Wood Box

If you have ever searched for Alu-Cab products online you most likely have ran across Alu-Cab kitted safari rentals with "wood" boxes fitted above the cab and if you think anything like myself you wonder why. Well after a week long trip into the bush it became very clear how useful it is having this extra storage for fire wood, fire pits or anything too dirty to store inside the truck or camper. No more lugging wood in and out of the camper, stepping over it and sweeping up after it. Simply throw it in the Wood-Box where it is dry, secure and lockable.

So we had the engineers go back to the drawing board and revamp this old staple with a new latching system that can be operated from a single side of the vehicle and improved aerodynamics. What they created is the Wood-Box 2.0 which will be offered in two fitments to complement both Gen III roof top tents and Canopy & Khaya Campers. Furthermore we designed the lid to accept the Alu-Cab Traxmount making the most of the space and allowing storage of 2 or 4 Maxtrax and the sides to accept our horizontal Jerry Can Holders for total versatility for your overlanding needs.